Customize Your Class Ring

Personalize a perfect look that reflects your high school journey and all you’ve experienced. 

4 Easy Steps to Design

Designing a custom class ring has never been easier. With hundreds of styles, stones and personalization options, you can create a ring that is as unique as you and shows your school spirit.

4 Easy Steps to Design

Choose Your Finish

Discover the right metal to give your ring that shiny brilliance.

4 Easy Steps to Design

Choose Your Stones

Explore stone options for an eye-catching, personal touch.

4 Easy Steps to Design

Choose Your Sides

Find words, illustrations and more that capture your experience.

4 Easy Steps to Design

Choose Your Style

Choose a look that’s right for you from six distinct collections.


CLASSIC METAL: Affordable and durable for any lifestyle. If you love the look of a silver-toned metal that keeps things stylish while staying budget friendly, check out CLASSIC.

PREMIUM METAl: You’ve achieved a lot. It’s worth commemorating with an upgraded ring. For a stunning silver blend, a shimmering yellow blend, and a two-toned blend that gives you the best of both, head to PREMIUM.

DELUXE METAL: Step it up to suit your unique tastes with a standout style from DELUXE. There’s eye-popping camouflage, copper-like colors, rich black finishes and so much more. 

LUXURY METAL: You’ve worked hard and deserve the ultimate reward. For our top-of-the-line premium metals, including high-karat gold that will stand the test of time, head to the LUXURY collection. 



Choosing Design-A-Sides for your class ring is about showing off who you are and what you love about high school right now. Is it the activities you’re involved in? Your friends? The organizations that are important to you?

Design-A-Sides are divided into categories. These can be anything from arts to athletics to wildlife to awareness ribbons. You’re bound to find something that matches your passions. See the full collection here.

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How To Choose A Size For Your Class Ring

You’ve customized the perfect ring from metal to stone. Nice work. Now it’s more important than ever to ensure your incredible new ring fits. If you don’t know your ring size, that’s no problem. Figuring it out is easier than you think.

1. Ask your Jostens Representative for a Ring Sizer. 

  • Head to the Jostens website. 
  • At the bottom of the page, under the “Customer Service” menu, click “Contact Your Rep.” 
  • On the “Jostens Sales Team” page, you’ll find links to email or call your representative. 

2. Ask your Jostens Representative for a Ring Sizer at school.

  • Click here to head your school store.
  • Check the calendar to see when your Jostens representative is returning to your school and ask them for a Ring Sizer then.

3. Send us a Ring Sizer Request.

  • Go the Jostens website.
  • Under the “Customer Service” menu, click “Email Us.”
  • Follow the prompts until you reach the “Send us an email about a product” page.
  • Complete your contact information and select the option to get a free ring sizer mailed to you.