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Our Goals

From efficient operations to environmentally sustainable products to active engagement of the employees and leadership, Jostens believes that environmental sustainability is beneficial to our customers, our communities, our business and the world. We are proud of the progress we have made to date, but we know we have much more to do. We are committed to continuously challenging ourselves and aiming higher. Our short to midterm goals are designed transparently to reflect the true state of our journey. We are working actively to develop future goals and targets that will evolve as we engage various stakeholders on our journey of continuous improvement and environmental sustainability.

Assess current energy usage across all Jostens facilities. Documented a 4 year usage trend for all facilities. Establish energy management policy to improve our operations
Assess utilization of energy management systems across facilities. Performed a detailed audit of facilities and gathered best practices. Educate all facilities on reduction best practices.
Assess current recycling practices across facilities. Developed metrics required to capture current recycling practices. Use new framework to assess and measure progress.
Develop a team to lead development of new environmentally friendly products. Created a framework and engaged a cross-functional marketing team. Establish an environmentally focused product roadmap by product category.
Increase employee knowledge, awareness and engagement. Created employee visibility to Green GRADS™ team's progress. Increase participation and create an onboarding process for new employees.
Sponsor Earth Day celebrations in all facilities. Increased Earth Day participation across enterprise from 20% to 80%. Reach 100% Earth Day participation by all facilities.

Where We're Going

We will continue to evolve our efforts to weave environmental sustainability into the fabric of our corporate culture, the services we provide, and the products we create. Check back with us to see our progress.