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Jostens Commitment to Sustainability

We are a trusted partner committed to developing sustainable, renewable and responsible practices that put the world first.

We Advocate On Behalf of Our Workers
We implement practices to protect the health and safety of our employees through compliance with applicable laws and by giving them a voice and role in the plant safety process.

Sustainable Products

  • Diamonds: Procured from suppliers who certify that they are conflict-free in accordance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.
  • Simulated Stones: Supplied by trusted vendors who respect human rights and are committed to environmentally sound production.
  • Gold: Responsibly sourced and procured from trusted vendors and recycled sources.
  • Sustainable Fabric*: Our innovative industry-leading fabrics are sourced from renewable managed resources.
  • Paper: Our commitment reflects environmentally educated choices for quality and sustainability.

*Not all fabric is sourced from sustainable options.